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ISC's product authentication program, WIDCIO (When In Doubt, Check It Out) is one of the longest tenured and robust anti- counterfeiting programs currently available. We are now expanding the program to enable authentication of products protected by US ITC Exclusion Orders.

A newer issue in the imaging supplies industry is the growing importation of newly manufactured compatible and clone cartridges. If these products do not infringe OEM trademarks or copyrights they could be legitimate. However, the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) has determined that some of these cartridges infringe OEM Patents. Consequently the ITC has issued General Exclusion Orders(GEO) and a Limited Exclusion Order(LEO) The Exclusion Orders primarily prohibit the importation of clone/compatible cartridges that have been found to infringe OEM patents. In some instances, a GEO can also exclude re-manufactured cartridges and empty cartridges that violate patent or trademark laws. Resellers who import products prohibited by a GEO can be subject to penalties, including inventory seizures and fines. We encourage resellers to familiarize themselves with the provisions of these GEO’s.


Listed below are sources of information regarding these General Exclusion Orders:

EPSON: Epson Website

HP: Please contact the ISC for information

LEXMARK: Lexmark Website | General Exlusion Order

Click here to review chart which illustrates "What is an Infringing Imaging Supply"



In 1998, the ISC successfully launched the WIDCIO (When in Doubt... Check it Out) Program). This unique program allows dealers, distributors and customers an opportunity to submit questionable imaging supplies such as ribbons, inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges, toners, developers to the ISC for authentication. Since the program launch, hundreds of thousands of counterfeit imaging supplies valued in the millions of dollars have been removed from commerce and over 8% of all products submitted to the ISC have proven to be counterfeit.

To encourage the elimination of unfair competition from the market place and involve more market participants The ISC is expanding the WIDCIO program to include more forms of unfair completion.

The ISC will now authenticate the following suspicious products:

  1. Product thought to be counterfeit, that is presented as a new OEM branded product.

  2. New "compatible" "clone" products which you think are in violation of a limited or general exclusion order. Requires submission of the physical product.

  3. 3. Supplies that are falsely advertised or misrepresented. These claims should be submitted through the written allegation process described below.

There are three ways to submit product(s) for authentication: physical product, photos, and written allegations. The process for each method is described below. In each method your identity as a program participant will remain confidential and will not be revealed to the OEM.


Download the ISC's WIDCIO Flyer


Please mail the product along with your contact information to:

Imaging Supplies Coalition
MBN 249
1435 E. Venice Ave., #104
Venice Fl. 34292

The product submitted will be Logged in and assigned a control number.

The product is sent to the OEM for analysis.

The results of the tests are reported back to the ISC who in turn contacts the submitter.

If the product is genuine the transaction with the ISC is concluded.

If the product is determined to be counterfeit, the submitter, under program rules, is required to divulge the purchase information of the products submitted to the ISC. This information will be sent to the OEM for action.

As described above your identity as a participant in the program will remain confidential.

Note: The product submitted cannot be returned.


Same process as above except submit digital photos of the suspicious product to the following:

The photos must be clear, sharp images and include all sides of the package. The serial number, security label and barcode must be legible. In some cases the OEM will require the physical product to make a determination. If so you will be contacted.


The ISC encourages customers, resellers and distributors to report instances of suspected IPR violations. The information you provide will be reviewed by the ISC promptly and forwarded to the appropriate OEM(s) for investigation. When reporting a suspected violation please provide as much of the following information as possible.

Name and Contact Information
Your identity will remain confidential unless you indicate you are willing to be contacted by the ISC or the OEM. Permission to contact you will assist in the investigation.

Brand and Products Involved
Name of brand and product involved and explanation of why this is an infringing product. Provide photo if possible.

Alleged Violator
Identity and address information of the alleged violator including website, email address and any other identifiers.

Description of the crime or situation.

Description of Internet involvement.

Written allegations as well submissions described in #'s 2 and 3 above will be investigated at the discretion of the OEM. Often the information will be used in conjunction with that from other sources for a comprehensive approach. These submissions will be responded to at the discretion of the OEM.

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