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2010 ISC Conference

September 23, 2010

The Imaging Supplies Coalition held its 13th conference on the Prevention of Counterfeiting and Fraud in the Imaging Supplies Industry on September 19 through 21 at the Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel in Miami, FL. The conference was attended by 90 brand protection professionals from Europe, Latin America, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, India, Singapore, Australia and the US. The attendee list included representatives from all of the ISC member companies. The conference was also well attended by a number of exhibitors displaying anti-counterfeiting/security technology and services.

The theme of the conference, Combating Counterfeiting on a global scale, was discussed by 15 speakers in 13 presentations. The conference keynote speech was delivered by W. Ralph Basham, former commissioner of the US Customs and Border Protection Agency. Mr. Basham discussed the difficulty of maintaining the balance between security and movement of goods and people but emphasized that security needs must come first. Other presentations ranged from a discussion on anticounterfeiting technology to a ‘global’ view of the supplies counterfeiting environment. Presentations of case studies from Mexico, SE Asia, and Europe described a counterfeiting industry which is global in nature. Presentations also reviewed the strategies and tactics implemented by brand owners to protect their stakeholders from counterfeiters. Other anticounterfeiting organizations including the IACC, the CACP and ICCE presented their plans and actions to mitigate counterfeiting.

The conference presentations and discussions made clear that counterfeiting is a critical issue across many different markets with the potential for significant economic harm and threats to the health and safety of consumers. Counterfeiting across all product categories has grown to over a $700B industry this year. In the words of several speakers, counterfeiting is a relatively ‘low risk / high reward’ venture for the counterfeiter, but with significant negative ramifications for manufacturers, the channel and consumers.

Counterfeiting is an important issue for the imaging supplies industry. Supplies counterfeiting in the world wide imaging supplies market is estimated at $3.5 billion annually. The imaging supplies industry has a great track record in combating counterfeiting due to the diligence of its brand owners in implementing effective brand protection programs. The conference participants left the conference with an updated view of the WW counterfeiting issue and a resolve to continue finding new and effective ways to mitigate these crimes.

The Imaging Supplies Coalition for International Intellectual Property Protection, Inc. is a non-profit association of imaging supplies Original Equipment Manufacturers. Coalition members are Brother International Corporation, Canon U.S.A., Inc, Epson America Inc., Lexmark International, Inc., Oki Data Corporation, Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc., and Xerox Corporation.

The ISC can be contacted at 941-961-7897, e-mail at or visit the website at www.isc-inc-org.





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