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Welcome to the Imaging Supplies Coalition website and thank you for visiting us.

As you visit our site you will learn about the Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC), its mission, programs and successes. You will also learn about ways to protect your business and yourself from the harm caused by counterfeit goods and fraud. It is the view of the Imaging Supplies Coalition and its member companies that counterfeiting is a real threat to global markets and consumers.

In this editorial we are issuing a call to action to business and consumers. Not only to eliminate counterfeiting and fraud in the imaging supplies industry, but to eradicate this criminal activity from our society, period. The economic costs and human suffering caused by counterfeiting is simply unacceptable.

First, counterfeiting and IP crimes are a real threat to our economic security. Not respecting the rights of Intellectual Property owners by allowing its theft through counterfeiting and piracy decrease the incentive to invest time and money in innovation. Our inventors and innovators must be rewarded as we live in a knowledge economy where ideas and creativity drive society forward and improve our standard of living.

Second, there are real health and safety issues introduced to consumers and workers due to counterfeit products. Think about the damage caused by counterfeit medicines, fake auto or airplane parts, infant formula, counterfeit electrical products or other common consumer goods. Think about where and under what conditions these products are made. There are many documented cases of labor abuse that should keep you from buying products made in those environments.

Third, counterfeiting is driven by organized crime and terrorist organizations. This is a well documented statement. Behind the person in the street or the website selling counterfeit goods are well organized and well funded organizations. Ask yourself where the revenue from the sale of counterfeit goods ends up and if you want to support that activity. The answer you arrive at should be a resounding NO!

Call to Action

We urgently need to increase our efforts and insist that our brand owner companies and governments to do much more in this battle, especially in areas where consumers are being deceived into believing that they are buying the legitimate product. I can assure you that progress is being made on these fronts and more will be done. But in addition to these legislative and business actions, each of us as business people and consumers must take personal responsibility for eliminating counterfeiting activity. The supply of counterfeit goods is driven by market demand and as demand goes down, so will the supply.

We ask you to join this crucial battle by developing an attitude of ZERO TOLERANCE for counterfeit or pirated goods of any type. Please become more vigilant in your purchases and protect yourself by buying from reputable sources at prices that are in line with the market. In general, if something appears too good to be true it’s not. Use the resources of this and other sites to educate yourself in ways to recognize, avoid and report these products.

For imaging supplies specifically we encourage you to purchase products from OEM authorized suppliers and to use our When in Doubt – Check It Out Program (WIDCIO) if you think you have acquired suspicious products. This program is available to both resellers and end users.

We thank you for your support and vigilance in the effort to eliminate counterfeit products and the harm they cause our industry.




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