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Since its inception in 1994, the ISC has accomplished a great deal in combating counterfeiting and fraud and has established itself as an international force in the Imaging Supplies Industry as well as a leading organization in Intellectual Property protection.


This unique program has removed hundreds of thousands of illegal products from commerce. It has also led the members companies to the source of the infringing products and has resulted in both civil and criminal prosecution in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Canada, Australia, and Asia. The ISC has seen a steady utilization of this program by distributors resulting in significant numbers of counterfeit products identified and removal of these products from the marketplace. While the program continues to yield results with incidents of counterfeiting uncovered in each of the last four years, the changing environment has necessitated revisions to the program. WIDCIO will now enable resellers and customers to ascertain the legality of more products in their efforts to curtail deceptive and misleading offers on internet marketplaces. Please click here to review the program operations.



The ISC conducts a biannual International Conferences on Fraud and Counterfeiting in the Imaging Supplies Industry. The ISC recently completed its 2016 conference with ninety professionals attending the conference representing 5 continents. The next ISC conference will be held in 2018


The ISC has made presentations at most of the major international industry conferences including: Business Products Industry Association, Business Technology Association, CAP Ventures U.S. and Japan, COMDEX, CeBIT, LYRA, ITC, ITEX, Asian Imaging Forum and many national and international dealer conferences. Outside the industry, presentations have been made at conferences sponsored by the International Chamber of Commerce, Reconnaissance International, the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition, PIRA, PISEC, and the American Society for Industrial Security and the National Intellectual Property Law Institute.

Please contact us if you would be interested in a presentation by the ISC at your program.


The ISC was named a Partner in Consumer Education by the Federal Trade Commission and a Partner in Education by the Business Technology Association (BTA). Working with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and BTA the ISC has developed and implemented a closed loop process for incident reporting and an end-user education package on avoiding telemarketing scams.

Please click here to review our information on fraud prevention.


The ISC testified in support of IACC initiated legislation and was recognized as a significant contributor to the passage of The Anticounterfeiting Consumer Protection Act of 1996 by the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition (IACC). The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) presented the ISC with it's Golden Shoe String award for excellence in communications on a very limited budget. In January of 1999, the Coalition was recognized with a Global Anticounterfeiting Award by Authentication News for An Outstanding Achievement by an Association. Also in 1999 the Coalition was elected to the Association Advance America Honor Roll for two of its programs; When in Doubt... Check it Out and Anti-telemarketing Fraud Process and Education. In Oct. 2017 the ISC was awarded the Anti-counterfeiting Award by RT Media during the Asian Expo for the third consecutive year. The award recognizes the organization that has done the most globally to combat counterfeiting in the Imaging Supplies Industry. not see the changes below implemented.

In 2002, a member company, Xerox, was awarded a "Global Anticounterfeiting Award for outstanding achievement by a company."

In Oct., 2015 the ISC was awarded the Anti counterfeiting Award by RT Media during the Asian Expo. The award recognizes the organization that has done the most globally to combat counterfeiting in the Imaging Supplies Industry.

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